Law Enforcement 

I retired as a Sgt. with the N.C. Highway Patrol.  I served a thirty year career in law enforcement, of which I spent eleven years with the Greensboro Police Department.  During my tenure with GPD, I served eight years as a member of their “Special Response Team” (SWAT) and worked entirely in patrol/tactical operations.  


In 1990, I was involved in an officer involved shooting investigation. I know firsthand what it is like to be investigated by the SBI. In 1998 I was working for the State Highway Patrol. I was involved in a vehicle pursuit that ended in a fatal crash which killed the impaired driver. I am one of the few attorneys in NC who has been through what you are going through. I promise to take your issues and fight for your career and your liberty. 


While working for the SHP, I worked in criminal interdiction as a Trooper and as a Sgt. I served my last four years as the driver’s training Sgt. for the SHP, where I gained extensive experience in law enforcement driver’s training.  My law enforcement experiences have served me well in being able to represent other officers. It is my greatest passion and the best way to thank those still willing to serve and protect society. 

I have spent the last five years successfully representing numerous law enforcement officers.  I have vast experience in officer involved shootings, criminal investigations of excessive force, patrol car crashes  to include fatal collisions with other motorists, pedestrians,  PIT maneuvers resulting in death to driver/passengers, disciplinary hearings involving IA investigations, and probable cause hearings/appeals before the NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission.  

I represent law enforcement officers with the North Carolina Trooper's Association, Police Benevolent Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the Professional Law Enforcement Association.  

If you have found your law enforcement career in jeopardy don’t call your wife’s cousin’s husband who practices in real estate transactions.  Call someone who knows what you’ve worked for and appreciates what is at stake, your law enforcement career. You will be glad you did and your wife’s cousin’s husband will thank you.